Chor Boogie, is an artist who is destined for greatness, with murals gracing walls around the world, as far reaching as Australia, Brazil, China and Dubai. You may remember from his 2008 exhibition @ The Light Gallery,  entitled..

Or you may recognize his vibrant art work that covered the gallery’s inside right wall and patio. I was immediately drawn to his work when i encountered pictures of it, years ago on the internet. His work seemed to visually translate the mind, body, spirit connection in ways that words cannot, while merging Portraiture, Realism, and the Abstract worlds fluidly. I was left in disbelief that his art work was created entirely with spray paint, clearly demonstrating a turning point in the evolution of the art form. Which began the dialogue between us, was exciting to have the opportunity to work with an artist whose work I felt was breaking new ground. Chor Boogies’ Strong work ethic, vibrant color orchestrations, Infinite imagination, and unparalleled skills with the spray can = striking visual displays that transport viewers away from their everyday surroundings off into another dimension. One where form, color, and composition dance in harmony..

2010 was a monumental year for Chor Boogie, while exhibiting at the Stroke Art Fair in Berlin, he was selected to paint a section of the Berlin Wall. The wall section was lifted by crane to the entrance for all attendee’s to witness history in the making.This year’s event, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, carries a significant impact on the world’s view of the power of transformation through art.