NYE 2008 Light Gallery


The Light Gallery will be hosting the best New Years Eve party in
Orange County!  Looking to skip the overcrowded clubs and overhyped party’s around town?  Quality music is our highest priority on this evening, respecting music as an Artform>

We’ll make this a truly unforgettable close of 2007

Midnight countdown
Complimentary Champagne
Artwork From Ruzic,Lozeau,Bigtoe

BRINGIN > 2008 <
on our ))Turbosound(( floodLIGHT system 10k jiggaWATTS

ETseven (lightgalleries)
Dj Sublymnl (kcrw)
Dj Aleman
Dj Kenji (love-n-happiness)
Dj Cocoe (abstract workshop)
Blackjack Shellac & Surprise Guests

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