Skateboard Inspirations Group Artshow Jan 12th @LightGallery!


mark Your calendars! The Light Gallery is hosting an exhibtion of Skateboard artists next Saturday jan 12th!
There will be guest Dj’s,A Keg and our walls full of skate inspired works! ,

Exhibiting Artists:

1. Chris Dyer
2. Paseo
3. Yuki Miyazaki
4. Terry Diamond
5. David Lozeau
6. Skeez
7. ET>7
8. Garry Booth
9. Stephanie Bellomo
10. John”ahhd’ art” Hicks
11. ash thorp
13. nick pitacio
14. Matt Kotch
15. Jeff Kubasak
17. MacnCheez
18. Ryan Milner
19. JW Miller Dektown
20. Cameron Davis
22. Brez
23. Justin Barry
24. Zach Egge
25  Teddy Kelly
26. Nibbzzz
27. 5280 lasers/Kurt Barbee
28. Leigh white
29. crlp
30. noah spindler
31. Matt Barnes
32. Tired Twinky
33. 35mmmaggie
34. Mike Kershner
35. daavid herris
36. Bigtoe

Additional artists’s are still being confirmed!! Help spread the word and repost!

Chris Dyer is a soul with high intentions for himself and humanity. A soul on a quest for new consciousnesses through meditation, physical traveling and natural drug experimentations. A medium of the Most High who opens his vessel and tries to let go of the temporary ego and complications of his mind. A true soul skater, despite all the bails.

He grew up in Lima, Peru till the age of 17 where he engaged in such activities as surfing, banana-board skateboarding, and soccer fanatism (with his ex-street gang, SepUlcro). He now lives in Montreal where he continues his journey to self-realize, on a more peaceful vibe.

Chris’ main objective is to do his part in raising  humanity’s consciousness. According to all spiritual paths and science (Quantum Physics) we are Godly beings that create our own reality. Delivering positive images to the youth, via the skateboard graphics he produces, is the powerful seed that can manifest a happier reality for us all.

Career wise, Chris is responsible for a great part of the graphics for Creation, a true roots skate brand from San Francisco (if ya didn’t know). He also has done work for Satori Movement, Westside (Florida), Think, Equilibrium (Peru), Freak(Belgium), Drop Dead (Brazil), Semilla (Chile), etc. He also has his own Hemp clothing line called Positive Creations, based in Montreal.

As for his fine arts Career, he has had solid solo and group exhibitions in countries like Peru, Mexico, Belgium, San Francisco, Seattle, Whistler-BC, and of course Montreal. Japan and Argentina are on his future plans.

Other than these trips to expose his art, Chris has also done some extensive journeys through lands like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor, Guatemala, Hawaii, Burma, Belize, the States, Europe and Canada of course (where he worked as a tree-planter for 3 summers). All these experiences add to the cultural richness and oneness message of Chris’ work.

For more on Chris Dyer´s Art, photos, writings, etc, please visit
And to check his grass roots Clothing line please visit
You can also befriend Chris at

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