“THEY” Group Artshow Saturday April 12th




THEY – group Art Exhibition

Finally , an answer to a question that has plagued

humanity since the dawn of time: Who are “THEY”?

It turns out , Bill “13:11” McEvoy and a gang of ultra

talented artists have decided to show us what the

“Powers That Be ” never wanted us to see. The TRUTH!

(well at least a possible truth.)

The Reptilians walk amongst us.

Not only do they walk amongst us, but they practically

control every facet of our daily lives.

“They” are our Government Officials , They are our

Teachers and our Law enforcement. They have been here

since The serpent first urged Eve to eat from the tree

of knowledge. They plan to be here well after the

human race is broken down into nothing more than

cattle prepped for the slaughterhouse.


Bill 13:11 Mcevoy, Ken Ruzic, Augie Pagan, BigTOE,Gregory Rodriquez,

Mike Bilz, Randy Kono, Jeremy Simmons,Max Neutra,LD Grant,NC winters,Ten-4 Studios,

Paul Torres, David Lozeau & More!

In their own unique and interesting styles, this team

of skilled artists , most of whom spend their days

working professionally as commercial artists, have

banded together to give the public a peek under the

proverbial rug. Their goal to simply shine a light in

the darkness that is “THEY”. Fun and fanciful ,

serious and technical the individual artists weave an

aesthetic that tells a complete story and is dripping

with Technicolor eye candy.


And you can see it all on the opening reception April 12th

7pm-midnight. Exhibit runs through May 3rdm

Live Video mixing and Musical Score

by VJ Franz (of AFC)

Dj Knoe (alive & direct)


The Light Gallery

440 E. 17th St.,

Costa Mesa, 9262



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