“Moment” Photography Exhibition

This will be part of an ongoing quarterly series. Featured Photographers: Chad Williams Keith May Beth Stirnaman Mason Roset Geoff Shivley Edgar Hoil Kasey Murray Grace Anderson Paolo Von Borries E.T.7 8-11pm Free Admission  Read More


Artists: Phil Roberts | Bigtoe | Nathan Deyoung |Gregory Rodriguez | Zoey |Tara Parrish | Christopher Polentz | Debra Haden | Kitty Brown Esteban Manriquez | Andrea Young  | Ronald Bourbeau Burlesque: Victoria Vengeance Feminine Oddities Models: Kim Caracoles | Anjella | Rita Von Riot | Christine Fury | Tenayah Sioux Photography: Robert Alvarado | Chris Gomez | Tim Hunter Mark your calendars now for the spectacle that is Art Tease.. It will also... Read More