ZOUNDS LIVE ART & Documentary Screening



Sat March 14th ZOUNDS LIVE

2MEX, Omid, Neila, Gajah, Radioinactive, Xoloanxinco, Orko, Tony Da Skitzo,

Ars. Nova.Strata, Mascara w/ Nitedale, Myk Mansun, & More!

Selectors in the mix ESP, Soluz, Knoe1, Justodd, & More

www.zeitgeistmovie.com Viewing


*disclaimer* While The Light Gallery does not endorse this movie as absolute fact, then again nothing should be without doing your own research..  Watch it as food for thought. You may then arrive at your own conclusion Based upon the information provided..

Admission = Donations

7pm- ZDAY

The Light Gallery

440 e.17th st

Costa Mesa, Ca



714.642.7899 more info

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